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Teddie's Blooms

Special Event Florals

White Theme Bouquet

Teddie's Blooms

Finalist/Best Florist Category

The flowers for my wedding were absolutely AMAZING! They were everything I wanted and more. 


What We Do

We take pride in offering highly personalized service for our clients, excellent communication, an easy and worry-free experience and sourcing the freshest, most locally sourced flowers that we can find for our custom designs. 


About Me

Terie  Karaus

Im passionate about bringing brides' dreams to life through my floral designs. As a flower farmer, I really understand flowers and how they come together in stunning results. I pay attention to my brides and go the extra mile for the small details - that's what makes a difference in working with me!

    16+ years             5 years                 15+ 
Special events      flower farmer     Weddings
                              floral designer                              


"Teddie's floral arrangements are ALWAYS my favorite! I work with lots of  florists as a wedding photographer- and every time I am blown away with what she comes up with" 


A few of our favorite designs

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